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PXG, the best club in the world, now at LuxGolfhouse

Dear clients,

We are very proud to announce that PXG has choosen LuxGolfhouse to represent PXG in Luxembourg. PXG only works with « premium stores » which respond to the following criterias :

– Adequate and sophisticated technology to collect accurate club and ball data.

– Approved and experienced fitters with an ongoing training program.

– A recognised and approved fitting procedure

PXG produces extraordinary clubs (woods, irons and putters) with a patented unique construction. The look of a blade, an unbeleivable feeling and tremendous length and forgiveness. LuxGolfhouse has the complete range of products for testing, woods, irons, putters and a huge choice of shafts.

Why not playing the best club on the market ?

Book your testing and/or fitting at LuxGolfhouse : Tel : +352 26 11 95 05 or :

BeLuxGolfhouse, be exclusive !